“Be kind to one another” is a phrase we often hear and want our kids to remember.

That’s why, our friendly dinosaur, Rex, is teaching his friend Maggie all about kindness. Join these two colorful characters on a kindness journey, as they help each other find ways to be kind to their friends, neighbors, and community.

This fun activity book includes:

• Inspiring “kindness” ideas through helpful dialogue

• Coloring pages with lizards, gators, and dinosaurs

• Finish-the-pattern pages to help with counting and pattern identification

• Tracing pages that reveal awesome dinosaurs

• Cool mazes to help Rex and Maggie find each other

• Dot-to-dot activities to finish the pictures

• Kindness Bible verses to memorize

Grab your copy of Rex Teaches Maggie About Kindness and encourage your kids to find ways to be kind to others. This is the perfect activity book to help your family remember how important it is to be kind!