In a world where kindness can be hard to find, we need positive activities that promote kindness in the best of ways. After all, the concept of kindness goes beyond just being nice.

Genuine kindness includes generosity and a deep consideration for others. It involves sacrifice—no matter how small.

Introducing Finding Kindness, Scripture Guided Maze Book. Within these pages, you’ll find:

  • Fun and challenging mazes
  • Scripture verses that encourage kindness
  • Real-life tips for showing kindness to others

As you enjoy these maze puzzles, you’ll have time to reflect on:

  • How kindness is contagious
  • How good it feels to be kind
  • How kindness strengthens relationships
  • How kindness reinforces positivity
  • How kindness builds connection

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your copy of Finding Kindness, Scripture Guided Maze Book today, and learn to combat the negative influences around you with more acts of contagious kindness!